There is nothing more daunting than an entirely blank blog, waiting for The First Post – the one that will set the tone for all subsequent posts… whether you like it or not.



I’m going to save the “About Me” crap for the About Me page (if I ever make one), and just say that I am in the process of finding my faith again.  I lost it a while ago, when what I was becoming became incompatible with the faith I had.  At first that was scary, and I thought maybe I was becoming something “wrong”.  But 10 years later, I really like who I became/am becoming – so maybe it wasn’t me that was wrong.

I’m a pretty big believer in letting the universe give you clues.  Two men of faith recently entered my life, and that nagging desire for a reconnection with religion got bigger.  It’s now or never, really it is.  And I pick now.

So here’s a place that isn’t Facebook, that people can look at if they want to, or not, and comment, and have a dialogue, and learn about a liberal’s progressive journey into Christianity (again) (but kind of for the first time), and if nothing else, it’s one more voice out there in support of a practical, reasonable and compassionate moral life.  I think we need a lot more of that.