I did not expect to be here.

I did NOT expect to be trying to reopen the Bible, introducing myself to God again, and re-learning everything in such a new way.  But the universe had other plans.

So here I am.  I am opening that door I shut so long ago and stepping out onto a life-long path of discovery and self-improvement.  I am committed to activism in Christianity, because I can’t sit by and watch it be destroyed.  I am living my life by the example of Christ so that I can be an example of how to treat others.  It makes me feel good to do good, and I want everyone to have an opportunity to share in that joy.

The Lighted Path


I am almost 30, a lawyer, a woman in a committed relationship with a woman, a cat owner and cat lover, a cook, a bike-rider, a public transit lover, a San Francisco misser, a Connecticut resident, a 6-hour-a-night sleeper, a volunteer, a socialist with republican leanings, an activist, a champion for human rights, an obsessor over everything Victorian or historical dress up, and a Christian.


Christianity is, first and foremost, about having a personal relationship with God.

The Bible is a tool to understand Him, and the stories in it are ways that we can learn more about this life and the next (perhaps).  There are many reasons it is not ENTIRELY literal or applicable to today, including but not limited to historical, cultural male bias of the writers (who were only human!), things being lost in translation, and “stories” being an essential part of the way instructions/lessons were passed down orally from one generation to the next.

You don’t have to be Christian to have a relationship with God.  There are many paths up the mountain, and every faith has a different way to connect.  Hell, I don’t even know what heaven is.  Or hell, for that matter 🙂  I want to focus on the good I can do now, not who is going where or getting what after they die.

The differences in our race, religion, sexual orientation reflect the many varied ways God has shown His love for this world.  The values and human desires we all share are the foundation of how God demonstrated Himself to us, so we could know Him and His love!

The best way to share God with others is to live your life as much like Christ as possible.

The Ten Commandments are much more important than gender roles and sexuality, and it’s really a shame more people don’t focus on the biggest things and not the most “popular” issues!

Science and faith are not incompatible.

Christ was not the political religious Right that we see on TV.  He lived on the kindness of others as he traveled, turned over the moneychanger’s tables, instructed us to help each other, responsibly take care of our land and those who depend on us, and not let the tyranny of the majority drown out the minority.  He befriended and lived with the outcasts, the lepers, the prostitutes – not to change them or judge them into submission, but to show them that God loves them SO MUCH, and to fill them with SUCH LOVE, that they were inspired to dedicate their lives to this amazing source of compassion and joy.  WE ARE CALLED TO DO THE SAME!


Tell me what YOU think!

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